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I’ve spent the past 15 years producing content and developing teams. I am passionate about storytelling and strategic implementation. As a Marketing Manager and CMO, I am responsible for identifying talent, developing strategies, setting goals, and ensuring quality at a high level across mediums, including copy, video, images, motion graphics, audio, digital downloads, and print. I am responsible for seeing the bigger vision across multiple departments and pushing the brand strategy forward.


From solo projects to large productions on set, I’ve filmed and managed every aspect of production in locations around the world. People connect when they feel supported or see value in the service you provide – they connect with real people and real experiences. My work in video has generated 10’s of millions of dollars in sales and donations.

Infinite Uploads Explainer – This was a solo project covering every aspect of production including script, design, concept, screen capture, motion graphics, voiceover, and editing.

  • Page Speed Performance Optimization Guide – Each of the videos in this guide was created with fast incremental improvements in mind. From scripting to completion these tutorials were each produced in under 10 hours.
  • “Hello, WP!” Video Podcast Episode – This interview-style video was created as a special podcast companion for “Hello, WP!” a journalistic-style podcast about WordPress I directed.
  • Joseph’s Coat Painting Culture Video – I was hired to create a series of culture videos for a trade company. The 4-part “What We Do Matters” video series was created to reinforce their culture and to help connect with other business owners in their city. I developed the narrative, filmed (including drone footage), edited, color corrected, mixed the audio, and output for use on the web.
  • Divi Shop Builder for WooCommerce – This project was animated by a freelance editor I managed. I helped with scripting, voiceover, and creative direction.


I co-hosted and directed the creatives for “Hello, WP!”, a journalistic-style podcast. “Hello, WP!” is a six-part mini-series about WordPress and its community. In the final episode, we were able to interview Matt Mullenweg and got a shoutout from Josepha Haden, WordPress Executive Director.

I’ve been listening to the “Hello, WP!” podcast and I love it. It’s from the perspective of someone new to #wordpress and it’s well-produced, well-articulated, and charming.

– Josepha Haden, WordPress Executive Director –

The full series including the trailer and website we developed is available at

Copy and blog.

I believe a healthy content strategy puts the reader and customer experience first and is supported by keyword/phrase research to ensure the best content is being delivered to the right users at the right time. In this section, you can view examples of blog content and sales copy I created.

  • WPMU DEV Usage Docs – I lead the redesign and development of the documentation portal for WPMU DEV in early 2020. It resulted in a massive increase in organic traffic, lowered support tickets, and resulted in dramatically improved conversions in the sales funnel. I hired the team and edited for content and quality. I also contributed, writing most of the Hub and Performance docs.
  • Big File Uploads Product Page Copy – After acquiring Big File Uploads in June of 2021, I repositioned the branding, updated UI, and rewrote the product page copy resulting in doubling average daily downloads and ranking in the first position for relevant keyphrases on
  • Infinite Uploads – I was in charge of creating everything from site layout to content creation. Infinite Uploads is a new site launched in February and is ranking in the number one position in search above the product page for the term Infinite Uploads.
  • How To Fix Uploaded File Exceeds Max Size Error – This post is a prime example of keyword research and addressing a very specific need. This post ranks in the first or second position for the targeted keyphrases.
  • Press Release – This press release was created for the launch of Infinite Uploads. This resulted in appearances on multiple podcasts, including WP Builds, and was featured in news outlets including the WPWeekly, Torque, WP Owls, and The Repository newsletter.

Digital design.

I am primarily a vector artist. I love creating meaningful iconic images that stand on their own. Most of my art is now personal, but my background in logo design is valuable for managing designers, budgeting, and communicating brand direction.

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